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Sea Fucoidan Normal Type 900ml × 2 pieces

★★★★★ 120件のカスタマーレビュー

【 送料無料 】

US$ 350
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・内容量 : 900mL×2本セット[計量カップ付]

・味のタイプ : 加糖タイプと無糖タイプから選べます

・賞味期限 : 2年(未開封に限り)

[ 原材料 ]

褐藻類(モズク)/ビタミンC クエン酸 ビタミンB1 ニコチン酸アミド ビタミンB6 ビタミンB2

褐藻類(モズク) ハチミツ/ビタミンC クエン酸 ビタミンB1 ニコチン酸アミド ビタミンB6 ビタミンB2

[ 栄養成分表示100gあたり ]

エネルギー 5kcal、たんぱく質 0.1g、脂質 0.1g、炭水化物 1.7g(糖質 0.5g、食物繊維 1.2g)、ナトリウム 70mg(食塩相当量 0.178g)、ビタミンC 200mg、ビタミンB1 4.0mg、ビタミンB6 1.3mg

エネルギー 16kcal、たんぱく質 0.1g、脂質 0.1g、炭水化物 4.4g(糖質 3.4g、食物繊維 1.0g)、ナトリウム 65mg(食塩相当量 0.165g)、ビタミンC 200mg、ビタミンB1 4.0mg、ビタミンB6 1.3mg

[ お召し上がり方 ]










  • 애견을 위해 구매중

    2019/05/22 投稿者:동욱 おすすめレベル★★★★

    심장약을 먹고있어서 간장에 부담이 오는 것 같아서 아침, 밤으로 약을 주고 있습니다. 후코이단의 효과인지는 모르겠지만 14살이 되어가는 것 같지는 않을정도로 건강합니다.

  • Your product helped me.

    2019/04/16 投稿者:Sally おすすめレベル★★★★

    I think I'm getting better so far. Thank you!

  • 도움이 됩니다.

    2019/03/28 投稿者:김 おすすめレベル★★★

    감사합니다. 조금 좋아진 느낌이 듭니다.

  • It's essential for us!

    2019/03/13 投稿者:Diana おすすめレベル★★★★★

    My father was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer and started to take an anti-cancer drug. He started drinking SEA FUCOIDAN on his third cycle of treatment. He was 87 years old when he was taking the fifth treatment, but surprisingly he had no side effect! After the treatment, lymphatic cancer has gone. It was just a miracle to us! Ever since after, he started drinking fucoidan as disease prevention, and I don't need to order frequently. 2 years after, a prostate cancer found, and there was no treatment for him due to old age. Even his doctor gave up his treatment. The only thing that we can do was watch over progress. Now, he became 96 years old and any progression of cancer hasn't seen. Thanks to fucoidan, he has no health problem! All my family members believe in your product!

  • It works both of us

    2019/02/25 投稿者:Greg. A おすすめレベル★★★★★

    The medicine I have to take is gradually increasing as I age.
    It can be said to my elderly dog too.
    Thanks to sea fucoidan, he doesn't lose appetite!

  • 아버지의 필수품 입니다.

    2019/02/08 投稿者:권우 おすすめレベル★★★★★

    아버지는 9년전에 림프암이 기적적으로 나아서 의사 선생님도 놀라셨습니다! 항암재 치료를 하고 있었습니다만 부작용도 없고 5기 까지 87살로 할 수 있어 3기 부터 재가 추천한 이 회사의 시후코이단을 마구 마셨습니다. 그 이후로 5기의 치료로 림프암이 전신에서 없어졌습니다!기적이었어요!그 이후부터도 후코이단을 계속 마시고 있어, 암의 재발도 없어지고 구매를 그만둬도 괜찮게 되었습니다. 하지만 2년전에 전립선암을 발견하여 94세의 아버지에게는 치료법도 없고 의사 선생님도 조용히 지켜볼 수 밖에 없다고 하셔서 아버지는 희망을 읽으셨어요.
    그리고나서 시후코이단을 매일 드시고나셨더니 암도 재발하지 않고 홰복하시고 96세로 되신 아버지도 건강희 잘 지내십니다.
    저의 가족의 모두 시후코이단의 시자로 됬습니다! ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

  • 개한테도 좋네

    2019/02/05 投稿者:박명철 おすすめレベル★★★★

    사람만이 아니라 애견도 약이 많아지고 있습니다만 식욕이 있는 것으로 동물병원 선생님도 놀라고 있더군요.

  • 좋은 느낌

    2019/01/28 投稿者:건우 おすすめレベル★★★

    그렇게 달지도 안고 마시기 쉬운 느낌입니다.
    또 구입하려고 생각중입니다.

  • Cold prevention

    2019/01/24 投稿者:Yen おすすめレベル★★★★

    I easily get sick during the cold season. But it helps me as cold prevention. My 13 years old dog had surgery, and I gave him fucoidan twice as much as usual. Thanks to fucoidan, we are both doing good.

  • 추운 새해를 무사히 맞이했습니다.

    2019/01/09 投稿者:김성수 おすすめレベル★★★★

    감기에 걸리지도 안고 새해를 좋게 맞이할 수 있었습니다.
    13살의 애견의 수술후 매일 주는 양의 2배를 주었더니 인간도 개도 연세보다 건강하게 지낼 수 있습니다.

  • thanks

    2018/12/20 投稿者:D. Cole おすすめレベル★★★★

    It wasn't sweet than I thought.
    I will buy again!

  • 몸을 위해

    2018/12/11 投稿者:이우성 おすすめレベル★★★★

    겨울의 감기나 몸살에 안걸리고 건강하게 겨울을 지낼 수 있었습니다.

  • I always stock up on SEA FUCOIDAN.

    2018/12/07 投稿者:Brenda おすすめレベル★★★★

    My physical strength and the immune system are lowering as I get older. I try to keep continuing to supplement nutrition for maintaining health.

  • seems work

    2018/12/06 投稿者:Elisa おすすめレベル★★★

    The result of checkup was improved.
    I will continue to use this, thanks.

    This is just my personal opinion, I think it is better to not show product name “fucoidan” on the slip. Some people don’t want families to know that the purpose of ordering fucoidan is to cure disease. In my case, I started to drink fucoidan for prevention. My mother received the package while I was working, and she asked me over and over about fucoidan. I guess some people don’t agree with alternative medicine. It would be better if I can choose to not indicate a product name on a slip.

  • Lively Life!

    2018/11/30 投稿者:Sharon おすすめレベル★★★★★

    A year passed since my husband started drinking it. The level of tumor marker stay within normal, and he is in good shape. He enjoys gardening every day! I appreciate this product.

  • 후코이단 마시고 건강!

    2018/11/26 投稿者:박 효수 おすすめレベル★★★★★

    마시기 시작하고 16년. 대장암부터 2년후 간장에 전이하고 수술후부터 마셨습니다.
    처음에는 350cc 부터 10년. 그다음에는 30cc과 건강을 위해서 음용하고있습니다.
    덕분에 건강하게 지내고 있습니다.

  • 몸의 건강을 위해서

    2018/11/19 投稿者:박 선아 おすすめレベル★★★

    몸이 힘들떼 그리고 병 예방 대책으로 만이 아니고 지금부터 날씨도 추워지니까 몸이 안좋을때도 효과가 좋다고 생각해서 저도 마시기 시작했어요. 특히 위장의 부진을 편안하게 느끼게 해줍니다.

  • To maintain physical strength.

    2018/11/13 投稿者:Dennis おすすめレベル★★★★

    I was giving fucoidan to my old dog, 13 years old every day. I had a surgery to have my tumor removed earlier this month, and I am still hospitalized. When my family visits me, I ask them to bring fucoidan. The scar is healing little by little, and I think I will be able to be discharged from hospital next week.

  • 계속 주문하고 있습니다.

    2018/11/07 投稿者:감우성 おすすめレベル★★★★★

    나이가 들고나니 체력과 면역력이 떨어지고 있다고 실감.
    조금이래도 힘을내보려고 계속 마시고 있습니다.

  • 체력을 키우기 위해

    2018/10/25 投稿者:박 철 おすすめレベル★★★★

    사람만이 안이고 우리집은 13살 나이많은 강아지도 매일 마시게 했습니다.저번달 종양을 발견해서 요번달에 수술을 했습니다.
    지금도 입원을 하고있지만 가족보고 병원에 올때 후코이단을 가지고 와달라고 해서 조금씩 상처도 낳고 다음주에는 퇴원할 수 있을 것 갇습니다.

  • 좋습니다.건강진단의 주치가 내려갔습니다.

    2018/10/16 投稿者:이 민석 おすすめレベル★★★★

    고맙습니다.계속 구매할겁니다.
    개인적인 의견 입니다만 발송시 상품명으로 후코이단이라고 표시를 안하는게 좋다고 생각합니다.

  • A healthy lifestyle with sea fucoidan

    2018/09/27 投稿者:Earl おすすめレベル★★★★★

    I’ve been drinking it for 16 years. I was diagnosed with intestinal cancer, and it spreads to the liver. After taking a surgery, I started to drink sea fucoidan 350cc a day for 10 years. Now, I drink it 30cc every day to maintain health. Thanks to sea fucoidan, I'm in shape!

  • 건강한 매일

    2018/09/05 投稿者:이 정자 おすすめレベル★★★★★

    마시기 시작하고 1년이 지낮습니다만 주인의 종양 마커는 기준치 이내로 유지하고 농사를 짓고 매일 건강하게 지냅니다.아주 감사해요.

  • Great buy

    2018/09/04 投稿者:Roy おすすめレベル★★★★★

    I started to drink it not only for a preventive measure of fatigue and maintain health since my body reacts to the changing of the seasons badly. Especially it works on my stomach problems.

  • Thank you

    2018/04/17 投稿者:Gen おすすめレベル★★★★

    My mum has been drinking fucoidan since she got a disease. It's pricey but worth to try! I will continue to buy your product.

  • It's hard to open a lid!

    2018/04/16 投稿者:Alicia おすすめレベル★★★★

    I had a problem with opening the lid of the bottle. It was too tight. I like your product, but the lid needs to be improved.

  • I think I can continue drinking fucoidan!

    2018/04/13 投稿者:Jean. L おすすめレベル★★★★

    Thank you for the careful packaging and fast shipping! I was considering which flavor to buy, honey or sugar-free. I decided to buy sugar-free type and the choice was right! The effect of low molecular fucoidan was mentioned in the book,"The cure for cancer" written by Dr. Yoshirou Ando, I looked all the fucoidan product and finally found this product! I will post a review if it works.

  • 인플루엔자에도

    2018/04/11 投稿者:유진 おすすめレベル★★★★

    대유행이었던 인플루엔자를 걸리지 않도록 조금 많이 마시고있어서 빨리 주문 하도록 할겁니다.

  • for my mother

    2018/04/10 投稿者:ella おすすめレベル★★★★

    She is hospitalized because of cholecystitis, and her physical strength was declining. Since she started to drink fucoidan, she looks like she has regained energy!

  • See if fucoidan works for me

    2018/04/09 投稿者:Marc おすすめレベル★★★★

    I'm drinking 30ml of fucoidan every morning on an empty stomach. Thank you for the fast shipping! I would like to order again!

  • 마시기 쉬어서 5번째로 구매합니다.

    2018/04/09 投稿者:성수 おすすめレベル★★★★

    조금있으면 3개월씩하는 전립선암 검진입니다만, 요즘 몸의 상태가 좋고 암의 수치도 꼭 내려가고 있는것을 기대하면서 아침 저녁 취침전에 매일 꼭 마시고 있습니다.

  • It's been 3 months since I started to drink.

    2018/04/05 投稿者:Joseph おすすめレベル★★★

    It's been 3 months since I have started to drink fucoidan after I was diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer.
    The value of tumor marker has increased to 8.4, but I would like to continue to drink and see how it works. I will try my best!

  • 좋은 써비스

    2018/04/03 投稿者:은주 おすすめレベル★★★★★

    계속 마실수 있을 것 같아서 만족합니다.
    아주 예쁘게 포장 해 주시고 금방 도착했어요. 꿀이 들어간것을 할까 고민이었습니다만 기본적으로 맛은 다시마 갖고 무설탕으로 해서 정답이내요.

  • 효과가 있는 느낌...

    2018/04/02 投稿者:동현 おすすめレベル★★★★

    어머니가 병에 걸리시고 계속드시고 계십니다! 가격은 비싸지만 그만큼 효과가 있는 것 같습니다! 이제부터도 잘 부탁드려요.

  • I'm looking forward to good results.

    2018/03/29 投稿者:lina おすすめレベル★★★★

    I just received it so I don't know whether it works or not. But, it's easy to drink and I can't wait to see the result!

  • 후코이단 연속 구매

    2018/03/29 投稿者:아름 おすすめレベル★★★★

    후코이단을 계속 마시고 있었습니다만 사정이 있어서 그만두었을때가 있어서 그 사이에 암의 전이를
    발견했습니다. 벌써 몃년부터 계속 괜찮았습니다만 역시 후코이단을 그만 두었던 것 때문인가 해서 또다시 후코이단을 마시기 시작했습니다. 꼭 좋아질 것 이라고 믿고 있습니다. 

  • 효과 확인중

    2018/03/27 投稿者:승민 おすすめレベル★★★

    아침에 배고플때 30ml 마시고 있습니다.효과는 어떤지 확인중입니다!발송도 빨라서 또 주문할겁니다.

  • I hope it works

    2018/03/27 投稿者:Yang おすすめレベル★★★

    My mother who is fighting against disease is drinking sea fucoidan every day. It seems like she doesn't feel well these days. I hope it works for improving her health condition. I believe that it will work as we expect.

  • Thank you as always

    2018/03/26 投稿者:Hector おすすめレベル★★★★

    My mother drinks sea fucoidan every day. I think she is getting better by drinking it.

  • 후코이단 좋아요!

    2018/03/23 投稿者:현정 おすすめレベル★★★★★

    어머니가 담낭염으로 입원 하시고 많이 약해져버렸습니다만 후코이단이 힘을 주어서 조금씩 좋아지고 있습니다.

  • 자주 구매

    2018/03/16 投稿者:윤서 おすすめレベル★★

    전에도 그렇습니다만 병을 딸때 뚜껑이 딱딱합니다. 좀 더 따기 쉽게 해주셨으면 합니다.

  • helpful

    2018/03/15 投稿者:Ali おすすめレベル★★★★

    I had been drinking fucoidan for a long time but I stopped drinking it for some reasons. After that, I found out I have a metastasis of cancer. I haven't expected it happens because I was in good shape until I quit drinking fucoidan. I started drinking fucoidan again. I believe it will work!

  • 처음 구매

    2018/03/14 投稿者:은주 おすすめレベル★★★

    지금부터 기대됩니다. 아직 도착한지 얼마 안되서 잘 모르겠지만 마시기쉬어서 좋내요.

  • It also works for flu

    2018/03/13 投稿者:yu おすすめレベル★★★★

    I try to order before it runs out. I'm drinking fucoidan more than usual cause the flu is going around.

  • 어머니의 건강을 위해

    2018/03/12 投稿者:영구 おすすめレベル★★★★

    투병중의 어머니가 매일 드시고 있습니다.요즘 상태가 안 좋으셔서 조금이래도 좋아지셨으면 합니다만… 효과가 있다고 믿고 계속 마시겠습니다.

  • 언제나 신세지고 있습니다!

    2018/03/08 投稿者:동현 おすすめレベル★★★★

    어머니가 매일 마시고 있어요(^^)이것을 마시고나서 건강해지고 있는것 갔습니다!!

  • This is the fifth time purchase.

    2018/03/08 投稿者:Franklin おすすめレベル★★★

    It's easy to drink. I'm taking a tumor marker test every 3 months. I'm hoping that I can get a positive result from the test since I drink fucoidan every morning, noon and before bed.

  • 4 stars

    2018/02/23 投稿者:Alan おすすめレベル★★★★

    I don't like the unique smell very much. I'm drinking every day for my body. Thanks to Sea Fucoidan, I haven't had a recurrence of cancer after I had surgery 8 years ago. I'm doing great! It would be easier to drink if the smell was little weaker.

  • 건강을 위해.어머니의 폐암.

    2018/02/23 投稿者:중수 おすすめレベル★★★★

    8년전에 폐암의 수술을 한 어머니를위해 구입하고 있습니다.수술후 금방 시작하고나서 개속 드시고 있습니다.
    금년의 종합건강진단으로“폐암인 가능성이 있기 때문에 재검사”라는 연락이 있어 재검사를 했는데 진단 미스로 폐암이 아니었습니다.시 후코이단이 효과가 있었는지 어떤지 확실하지는 않습니다만 덕분에 재발을 하지 않고 잘 지내고 있습니다.단지 맛과 향기를 별로 좋아하지 않는 것 같아 “약이라고 생각해”열심히 드시고 있는 것 같습니다.

  • This seems to have helped with colorectal cancer

    2018/02/21 投稿者:Moses おすすめレベル★★★★

    I'm a return customer. My father, who was diagnosed with colorectal cancer the end of last year is taking anticancer therapy. I’m not sure if this is effective for him, but he is doing well. I will continue ordering this product.

  • I like the hint of sweetness

    2018/02/19 投稿者:Alexis おすすめレベル★★★★

    Thank you very much for the fast shipping. My mother started to drinking the fucoidan that I ordered this time. It seems like the fucoidan is sweeter than usual. I've been feeling tired lately, so I also started to drink fucoidan. My stomach's condition is good now!

  • 계속 구입중

    2018/02/16 投稿者:수민 おすすめレベル★★★

    무설탕 타입을 주문했지만 맛이 어떤지 불안했어요.익숙해지면 간단히 마실 수 있게 되었지만.냄새도 맛도 별로 강하지 않았기 때문에 계속 마실 것 같습니다.

  • Thank you very much!

    2018/02/16 投稿者:Naomi おすすめレベル★★★★

    I'm glad it arrived before it runs out which I ordered last time. I was feeling sick to my stomach. Fucoidan works well for it! It also helps for regulating bowel movements!

  • love this supplement!

    2018/02/14 投稿者:Lyn おすすめレベル★★★★★

    I keep in mind to order Sea Fucoidan before it runs out. It makes to ease my upset stomach and improve bowel movement! I've been drinking Sea Fucoidan and medicine since I got reflux esophagitis last year. I am so glad to release from inexpressible discomfort in my stomach! I will definitely reorder.

  • Very Satisfied

    2018/02/13 投稿者:Mika おすすめレベル★★★★★

    I think that the effect of fucoidan differs according to the person. 7 years ago, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. Several months after she took surgery, she was told by her doctor that there is a shadow in the x-ray examination.That's why I decided to buy her Sea Fucoidan. After she took re-examination, there was no shadow in the x-ray. She has been drinking Sea Fucoidan since then. Thanks to Sea Fucoidan, there is no relapse. It's financial burden for me to buy it every month but I have to sacrifice to save her life.I hope she will drink Sea Fucoidan to maintain health.

  • 독득한 냄새가 별로입니다.

    2018/02/05 投稿者:진호 おすすめレベル★★★★

    몸을 위해서다 라고 생각하며 매일 마시고 있습니다.그 덕분에…수술을 해서 8년이지만 재발도 없고 건강하게 지내고 있습니다.독득한 냄새가 좀 더 약하면 마시기 좋을것 같은데요.

  • 이번에도 구입했습니다.

    2018/02/02 投稿者:현숙 おすすめレベル★★★★

    리피터입니다.몇 년이나 계속 마시고 있습니다.
    덕분에 재발도 없고 건강하게 지내고 있어요.
    한가지만 말하자면 좀 더 바다의 향기가 약한 것이 마시기 좋은 듯 합니다.더 말하자면 냄새도 맛도 없었으면 좋습니다만….

  • 좋금 단맛이 좋습니다.

    2018/01/29 投稿者:주히 おすすめレベル★★★★★

    주문 후 금방 도착해서 좋았습니다. 겨우 이번 후코이단을 어머니가 마시기 시작하고 있습니다. 평소보다 달고 마시기 좋은 것 같습니다.저도 피로가 쌓여 있어서 마시고나보니 배의 상태도 좋아지고 회복하고 입습니다.

  • 更換口味

    2018/01/25 投稿者:piao yu おすすめレベル★★★★


  • 정말 몸에 좋아요!

    2018/01/24 投稿者:해수 おすすめレベル★★★★★

    벌써 없어질 것 같다~라고 하기 전에 주문하도록 하고 있습니다. 마시면 위가 괜찬아지고 변통도 좋아졌습니다.

  • 趕緊來嘗試

    2018/01/22 投稿者:xiao wang おすすめレベル★★★★★

    還好在喝完上次購買的之前拿到。謝謝你們。這幾天天氣超級熱,胃腸也不太舒服。褐藻醣膠真不錯 。

  • 사람마다 각자 효과는 다르다고 생각합니다.

    2018/01/19 投稿者:강희 おすすめレベル★★★★

    7년전 어머니가 암에 걸리시고 수술을하시고 수개월 후 검사를 해보니 그림자가 있다고 밝혀져 당황하여 여러가지 조사해보고 시후코이단을 시작하기로 했습니다.그 후의 재검사에서는 그림자가 없어져 그 이후로 계속 마시고 있습니다.덕분에 재발도 없고 오늘까지 왔습니다.매일 마시려면 금액적으로 상당히 부담이다~라고 생각했습니다만 생명을 대신할 수는 없습니다.앞으로도 어머니에게 게속 구입하고 싶습니다.

  • Glad I tried this

    2018/01/17 投稿者:Aya おすすめレベル★★★★★

    I bought it for my mom who had surgery for lung cancer 8 years ago. She started to drink it right after the surgery. She received results from a general medical examination that she was suspected to have a lung cancer and need to have a re-examination. After the re-examination, we found out that was a wrong diagnosis. I'm not sure that Sea Fucoidan has an effect, but I appreciate that her illness hasn't relapsed. Although she doesn't like the taste and the scent, she believes in your product and will keep drinking.

  • 只要相信

    2018/01/15 投稿者:li ren おすすめレベル★★★★


  • Helpful

    2018/01/12 投稿者:sun おすすめレベル★★★★

    I bought it this time as well. I've been drinking for years. Thanks to Fucoidan I have no relapse and I feel fine! It would be better to make it less scent of the ocean. I wish it was a product with tasteless and odorless.

  • 연속으로 구매 하고 있습니다.

    2018/01/11 投稿者:명호 おすすめレベル★★★★

    작년말 대장암이라고 진단된 아버지도 항암제 치료로 건강하게 지내시고 있습니다.후코이단 효과가 있는 것일까요?이재부터도 계속 마시고 싶습니다.

  • 希望之光

    2018/01/10 投稿者:一個全新的我 おすすめレベル★★★★★


  • good choice

    2018/01/04 投稿者:Amit おすすめレベル★★★★

    I wasn't sure if the taste is good, but I ordered a sugar-free type.Once you got used to the taste, you can drink it smoothly. It wasn't a unique flavor than I thought, so I think I will be able to continue to drink it!

  • 위장에 좋아요

    2017/12/28 投稿者:나라 おすすめレベル★★★★

    저번에 주문한게 없어지기 전에 딱 도착 했습니다.정말로 감사해요.매일 더위로 위의 상태도 안좋아지고있을떼 시후코이단이 활약하고 있어요. 변통도 좋아져서 정말로 좋습니다.

  • 我很喜歡

    2017/12/26 投稿者:小小 おすすめレベル★★★★★


  • 正確的選擇

    2017/08/08 投稿者:see you again おすすめレベル★★★★★


  • 靈丹妙藥

    2017/08/07 投稿者:神奇 おすすめレベル★★★★


  • 拯救

    2017/08/07 投稿者:我的愛人 おすすめレベル★★★★★


  • 世界

    2017/08/04 投稿者:一個好人 おすすめレベル★★★★★

    為了父親購買了海褐藻糖膠。每天都堅持喝 因為種類太多有一些迷茫,想買一些信賴度高的產品。購買了有著17年歷史的暢銷產品。

  • 美好的未來

    2017/08/03 投稿者:珍惜生命 おすすめレベル★★★★★


  • 肯定有效果

    2017/08/03 投稿者:小貓貓 おすすめレベル★★★★★


  • 用了就是感覺好

    2017/07/27 投稿者:劉 おすすめレベル★★★★★


  • Great product

    2017/07/26 投稿者:Joel おすすめレベル★★★★★

    I’ve been drinking these for 9 years. There is no relapse and I’m feeling so fine.

  • Good result!

    2017/07/26 投稿者:Li おすすめレベル★★★★★

    I started to use a fucoidan with my family. I want my mum to drink it a lot to decrease tumor marker level. My canker sore cured by taking the fucoidan right after use.

  • 후코이단이 엄마를 살렸다고 생각해요

    2017/07/25 投稿者:이한지 おすすめレベル★★★★★

    몇년에 걸처 마시고 있습니다. 엄마가 벌써 10년 이상 마시고 있네요.
    어려운 수술을 하는데 후코이단 덕분에 장수하고 있어서 감사하게 생각합니다.

  • Must have!

    2017/07/25 投稿者:Jing おすすめレベル★★★★★

    I make my dad drink a fucoidan for cure a cancer.
    Looks like his white hair is getting black again. It should be good for health!

  • Good product

    2017/07/23 投稿者:chad おすすめレベル★★★★★

    I was hoping that this product works for my cancer. I started to use a Sea Fucoidan 900ml ×2 for trial. I took a cancer treatment and fucoidan at the same time. As a results of blood test, the numerical values of both CEA and CA 19 are lowered. It seems like the cancer is getting smaller,according to the CT images.

  • works for some

    2017/07/23 投稿者:Sherry おすすめレベル★★★

    I think I'm in good shape. I drank it 100ml×4 times a day. It has unique taste and It's hard for me to drink. I feel good but I can't get a sense of effect to the side effect of cancer drugs...It needs to be kept in a cold storage. Cold drinks makes my throat and tongue get numb when I'm on cancer treatment...

  • Benefits

    2017/07/22 投稿者:Craig おすすめレベル★★★★★

    This is the 12th time I purchased this product. I took hospitalization for 5 times and chemotreatment for 30days. I've been drinking a fucoidan since I started to take these treatment. The cancer cell is almost disappeared. I wasn't able to take chemotreatment for lymph node so I'm considering that heavy particle therapy can be applied or not. I'm not sure about the effect of fucoidan is proven by scientificly...but my condition is getting better day by day so I think it's effective product for cancer.

  • Great results

    2017/07/21 投稿者:Wu おすすめレベル★★★★★

    I have been drinking it for more than 5 years since I got illness. Even though the treatment is painful, I can drink it everyday and I can have ordinary life such as go to work or traveling. My immune system is increasing and my physical strength is also getting better. I'm so glad to find this product!

  • Good !

    2017/07/21 投稿者:Susan おすすめレベル★★★★

    Thank you for your speedy delivery. I tried taste of it with my family. It taste like eating MOZUKU. I think I can continue to drink it from now on.

  • Quality product

    2017/07/20 投稿者:Mark おすすめレベル★★★★★

    I have been drinking Sea Fucoidan for 6 years. There is no metastasis and it coexists well. Definitely it is effective to cancer.

  • good stuff

    2017/07/19 投稿者:Jose おすすめレベル★★★★

    I have continuosly using anti cancer drug and fucoidan for more than five years. I'm getting over side effects without losing weight. I realized the amazing power of fucoidan. I think the tap of bottle should be dripless shape so that I can pour it easier.

  • 3 stars

    2017/07/19 投稿者:Chad おすすめレベル★★★

    It seems to be difficult to drink it when it's warm. It's easier to drink if I cool it in refrigerator.

  • working good

    2017/07/17 投稿者:Laura おすすめレベル★★★★

    I purchased it for the prevention of cancer relapse of my mother. The other day, I was adivised to use fucoidan by mother when I have throat pain. I hold it in my mouth like when I gargle. It does works for my throat too. I'm sure it works for cancer also like this.

  • will buy it again

    2017/07/15 投稿者:C.K おすすめレベル★★★★

    I bought it because I wanted to reduce my mom's side effect of 2nd cancer treatment. Although she drinks off one bottle in 4 days, the side effect have drastically decreased. I think that there are differences individuals in effects but it seems like it's perfect for her. I will buy it again.

  • 很期待

    2017/07/14 投稿者:快樂的自己 おすすめレベル★★★★


  • 很衛生

    2017/07/14 投稿者:aijia おすすめレベル★★★★★


  • 腫瘤標誌

    2017/07/14 投稿者:zhao おすすめレベル★★★★★


  • Must have

    2017/07/14 投稿者:Lynn おすすめレベル★★★★★

    this is the 2nd time purchase. My mum has diabetes. Her value of blood sugar decrease when she drinks it. We are drinking it for maintain our health.

  • 지금 까지 함께하고 있습니다

    2017/07/13 投稿者:표민석 おすすめレベル★★★★★

    암재발예방. 2008년에 방광암이 발병, TUR-Bt(경요도적 방광 종양 절제술)실시.
    이후 4~5년간 다시 재발하여 절제시행. 그후엔 시후코이단을 알고 마시고 있음. 마시고나서 3년정도 경과했지만 지금까지 재발없이 생활하고 있음
    시후코이단만이 효과가 있다고 단정할수는 없지만.. 직접 마셔본 나로서는 안심하고 계속 마시고 있네요. 꾸준히 마실예정입니다.

  • 5년동안 마시고 있어요

    2017/07/13 投稿者:민정현 おすすめレベル★★★★★

    병에걸리고 5년 이상 먹고 있습니다. 치료는 힘들어도 거의 매일 마시기 때문에 효과가 있는진몰라도 평범하게 일상 생활을 보내고 있습니다. 일도하고 여행도 하고있습니다.
    면역력이 높아지고 있는지 몸도 나름대로 잘 유지하고 있다고 믿고 있습니다. 후코이단과 만나서 매우 감사하게 생각합니다.

  • 배송 빠르네요 !!ㅎㅎ

    2017/07/13 投稿者:손지철 おすすめレベル★★★★★

    빠른 배송 감사합니다. 맛없다고 생각하고 마시면 효과가 떨어지는거아닌가 ?!라고 생각해, 가족모두가 맛을 봤어요. 모즈쿠를 먹는 맛으로 두고두고 마실수있을거같아요.

  • 寵物

    2017/07/13 投稿者:愛笑笑 おすすめレベル★★★★★


  • 簡直是奇跡!

    2017/07/13 投稿者:cyl6543 おすすめレベル★★★★★


  • 健康的秘訣

    2017/07/13 投稿者:mm826 おすすめレベル★★★★★


  • Excellent product

    2017/07/10 投稿者:Liu Fang おすすめレベル★★★★★

    I purchased it for my dad. He is continuingly drinking it. There are so many similar stuff to fucoidan, but I wanted to buy a trustable one. That’s why I decided to buy your product which is long-seller for 17 years in Japan. Trustable product is the best!
    I think it good for his body, I hope it can cure his illness.

  • Live long

    2017/07/07 投稿者:Larry おすすめレベル★★★★★

    We've been drinking for many years. My mother has been drinking it nearly 10 years. She was supposed to take difficult surgery. But now, she is living longer! Thank you, Fucoidan!

  • Maintain my health

    2017/07/07 投稿者:luke おすすめレベル★★★★★

    I drink it everyday and I’m feeling great! I purchased the sweetened one last time.
    I think that the sweetened type is easier to drink but I need to cut down on sugar even just a little bit, so I’m ok with sugar-free type. I want to keep using this product to maintain my health.

  • 口腔炎

    2017/06/27 投稿者:小lei おすすめレベル★★★★★


  • 沒有復發

    2017/06/27 投稿者:海 おすすめレベル★★★★★


  • 白髮

    2017/06/27 投稿者:小lei おすすめレベル★★★★★


  • 이제는 머리카락도 보이네요...

    2017/06/26 投稿者:한석진 おすすめレベル★★★★★

    투병중이신 아버지에게 계속 시후코이단을 마시게 도와드리고 있습니다. 머리숱이 하나도 없었는데 점점 머리도 나고 지금은 제법 검게 보이구요.. 머리카락도 점점 자라나는걸보면 건강에도 분명히 좋다고 생각해요.

  • 꾸준히 마시는게 중요합니다

    2017/06/26 投稿者:이진수 おすすめレベル★★★★★

    9년동안 계속 마시고있어요. 덕분이 재발없이 잘 지내고 있습니다

  • 다방면에서도 좋은듯해욤 ^^

    2017/06/26 投稿者:한지은 おすすめレベル★★★★★

    가족 모두가 시후코이단을 마시고있어요. 특히 엄마가 종양세포가 감소하길 바라면서 많이마셨어요....... 저도 마셨는데 구내염이 금방 나았어요 ^^

  • Good results

    2017/06/25 投稿者:HOWARD おすすめレベル★★★★

    Thanks to this product, my condition got better. The first check-ups result was bad but on the next check-ups, it become good after I started to take fucoidan. I haven't take it for while but I think that it is meaningful to continue drinking. So I purchased it again.

  • So glad I came across this product

    2017/06/20 投稿者:MORRIS おすすめレベル★★★★★

    I heard that my father has lymphatic terminal cancer and his life expectancy was 6 months from my brother. I came back Japan from North America where I lived for many years. I was going to stay with him the rest of his life. I didn't belive in western medical but I'm interested in natural healing and immune system so I researched them on the internet. Then I came across a Sea Fucoidan and purchased it. But my father believes in western medical and didn't accept this kind of health product...
    I continuously asked my father to drink fucoidan when he has meal. Luckly he likes Mozuku and accepted the unique smell. After that, his side effect of cancer treatment is getting decreased. That made him belive this product. Suprisingly, his cancer disapeared! It was the 5th month since his life expectancy was 6 months! Now, he is 93 years old and he lives by himself. What I can do is give him a Sea Fucoidan from now on.

  • Love it

    2017/06/18 投稿者:star** おすすめレベル★★★★★

    It's a secret of my health! The bottle size fit in refrigerator. You can measure with a measure cup when you drink it. It's a healthy drink with good digestion and absorption. Fucoidan is a must have today! Great for my body and my stomach became strong. Truly thanks!

  • I’m so impressed!

    2017/06/17 投稿者:HAPPY おすすめレベル★★★★★

    My husband and my 11 years old dog are drinking for health management and bottle is empty about one month. My dog is taking medicine for heart disease everyday. Thanks to Fucoidan, Everymorning when my dog get up,he is fine enough to jump around the room.

  • impressed

    2017/06/16 投稿者:Alec おすすめレベル★★★★★

    I'm keep drinking Sea Fucoidan because the blood test result came out good. When I recommended it to my friend who is taking cancer treatment, he said that it might have contributed to decreasing the level of tumor maker.

  • must have

    2017/06/15 投稿者:AL おすすめレベル★★★★★

    It is safe to drink because I can keep it in the refrigerator and it's hygienically.
    For health promotion and prevention cancer, I've been taking it every day for 10 years.
    It is easy to drink and also effective. Thanks to Fucoidan, I’m healthy now !

  • Guess it works

    2017/06/14 投稿者:Jacob おすすめレベル★★★★

    I bought it as part of my father’s cancer treatment. I ask my father to drink 200cc per day in three times. It seems that his body is getting warmer and he has got empty stomach. He feels some effects from fucoidan. The effect on cancer is not sure, but I’m hoping for it.

  • Seems like a good product

    2017/06/13 投稿者:Liam おすすめレベル★★★★

    I bought this for prevention cancer. I got bladder cancer in 2008. And then I had TUR - Bt (transurethral bladder tumor resection). It relapsed five times in the following 4 years and had same surgery. After the surgery I found fucoidan and I'm taking it now. It has not been relapsed for 3 years. I'm not sure that this product prevented a cancer or not. But it certainly gave me reliable and I will continue to drinking it.

  • Impressed

    2017/06/10 投稿者:AA おすすめレベル★★★★★

    I've been drinking it for 8 years since I got laryngeal cancer. Thanks to Fucoidan, I'm feeling well now!

  • Great product!!

    2017/06/01 投稿者:Tara おすすめレベル★★★★★

    It worked! I purchased it for my mom of the gastric cancer. The other day my mom surgically took out her stomach. It seems that the cancer had become a liitle smaller than the diagnostic imaging which she took last time. I think Fucoidan woked for her cancer! We will continue to drink fucoidan from now on.