Sea Fucoidan Normal type 30ml × 10 pieces set

★★★★★ 24件のカスタマーレビュー

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US$ 89
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・内容量 : 30mL×10本セット

・味のタイプ : 加糖タイプ

・賞味期限 : 2年(未開封に限り)

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[ 栄養成分表示100gあたり ]
エネルギー 17kcal/たんぱく質 0.1g/脂質 0.1g/糖質 4.1g/食物繊維 0.5g/ナトリウム 23mg/ビタミンC 200mg/ビタミンB1 1mg/ビタミンB6 1mg

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  • 건강을 위해...

    2018/04/26 投稿者:유진 おすすめレベル★★★★

    건강에 좋다고 해서 구매 했어요. 금방 마셔 보았지만 생각했던 것보다 마시기 좋았어요. 계속마시면서 효과를 보려고 합니다.

  • 애견용입니다.

    2018/04/13 投稿者:미영 おすすめレベル★★★★

    뇌종양 가능성으로 투병하고 있습니다. 시후코이단을 마시고 있어요. 효과는 모릅니다만 효과가 있다고 믿고 있습니다.또 구입할겁니다!

  • first purchase

    2018/03/22 投稿者:Bea おすすめレベル★★★

    I bought SEA FUCOIDAN because I heard it's good for health. I tried it right after it arrived. It's easier to drink more than I thought! I will see how it works.

  • For my dog

    2018/03/09 投稿者:Isabelle おすすめレベル★★★

    It looks like my dog has brain cancer. He is fighting against cancer by drinking fucoidan. I'm not sure whether it is effective so far, but I'm gonna buy it again.

  • I'm looking forward to seeing good results!

    2018/02/01 投稿者:Ramos おすすめレベル★★★

    It just arrived so I'm not sure how it works for me, but I can't wait to see good results!

  • 알레르기

    2018/01/30 投稿者:미란 おすすめレベル★★★

    알레르기의 체질개선을 위해 구입.향후에 기대하고 있습니다.

  • 期待萬分

    2018/01/17 投稿者:sun おすすめレベル★★★★


  • For allegy

    2018/01/10 投稿者:Zen おすすめレベル★★★★

    I purchased for improving my allergic constitution. I hope it works well.

  • 간편한 드링크

    2017/12/27 投稿者:태광 おすすめレベル★★★

    아직 도착한지 얼마안되서 금방은 모르겠습니다만 마시기 간편하고 좋네요.지금부터 기대가됩니다.

  • 健康優先

    2017/07/28 投稿者:愛玲 おすすめレベル★★★★★


  • 給與我活力

    2017/07/28 投稿者:灰姑娘 おすすめレベル★★★★★


  • 好期待

    2017/07/26 投稿者:檸檬 おすすめレベル★★★★



    2017/07/24 投稿者:jo おすすめレベル★★★★

    I expect this product to an effect to decrease a numerical value. I like seaweeds so it's easy for me to drink.

  • 冰的好喝一點

    2017/07/24 投稿者:ashou おすすめレベル★★★★★


  • 希望

    2017/07/21 投稿者:mimi おすすめレベル★★★★★


  • 2017/07/20 投稿者:john おすすめレベル★★★★★


  • good supplement

    2017/07/15 投稿者:Jeff おすすめレベル★★★★

    I put fucoidan in the refrigerator and make it cool. Seems like it's easier to drink when it's cool.

  • Seems like a good product

    2017/07/13 投稿者:Ann おすすめレベル★★★★

    It's easy to drink. I purchased it for mom. She said that It's smells like medicine before she drinks it. Once she gave it try, she became able to drink it easy. I'm not sure about an effect cause we got the product few days ago. We will see how it works. I hope her condition will get better.

  • 희망을 잃지 않고 계속 마셔봅니다

    2017/07/07 投稿者:여지수 おすすめレベル★★★★★

    후코이단 효능에 종양 수치가 감소하길 기대하고 있습니다. 원래부터 해조류를 좋아해서 먹기는 쉽습니다.

  • 만족합니다

    2017/07/07 投稿者:손철호 おすすめレベル★★★★★

    냉장고에서 조금 차갑게하고 마시고 있습니다.펴서 약간 차가워야 먹기 쉬운 것 같아요

  • 건강해지기를 바랍니다

    2017/07/07 投稿者:정지수 おすすめレベル★★★★★

    마시기 쉽습니다. 어머니 때문에 구입했어요. 드시기 전에는 "냄새가 약 같다"다며 씁쓸한 얼굴을 하고 있었습니다만, 마시다 보면 점점 마시기 쉬워진다고 하신요. 이제막 마시기 시작했기 때문에 효능이나 다른 변화는 잘 모르지만 앞으로 조금이라도 몸이 좋아지시면 좋겠습니다

  • Good product

    2017/06/13 投稿者:josh おすすめレベル★★★★★

    I have repeated chronic gastritis for many years. I was drinking a different thing before,but the manufacturer ceased production and I was looking for something similar and I came across this product.Effect began to appear from the third day after started to drink Fucoidan and the symptoms will be better after a week. When Excessive drinking and eating, it will be necessary to reset regularly and reset it !

  • good :)

    2017/06/12 投稿者:fiona おすすめレベル★★★★★

    I bought it for my husband who got sick and wanted physical strength.I thought it was more difficult to drink,but it seems to be OK if I make it cold. I think that continuation is important and I would like to continue drinking with expectation of the effect.

  • for sensitive stomachs

    2017/06/12 投稿者:mimi おすすめレベル★★★★★

    I drink this when I have stomachache. I recommend this product for the people with sensitive stomachs.