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Thank you for visiting SEA FUCOIDAN official website! We have been producing Fucoidan related product for over 20 years. SEA FUCOIDAN DX is a seaweed extract made with our unique enzyme decomposition technology. You will feel that it is absorbed smoothly from the esophagus to the stomach. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us by a chat! We will be pleased to answer your questions!


原料から製造・出荷までの様子やHORIUCHI FUCOIDANの特徴などをわかりやすく解説。

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It's explained in details ingredients, manufacturing process, and the characteristics of HORIUCHI FUCOIDAN.
It also includes the interview of Director of Asahi Clinic.


2 Types Available

900ml×2 bottles

More well-balanced

and powerful

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Add a high molecular Fucoidan derived from kelp to a low molecular Fucoidan which is extracted from Mozuku by our unique technology.
All the fucoidan energy in one bottle. Brand new SEA FUCOIDAN DX is more well-balanced and powerful!

US$ 450
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Sea Fucoidan DX 900 ml

30ml×2 bottles

(Trial Set)

Valid on first time purchase!Limit one per customer.

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Special offer for the customer who drinks SEA FUCOIDAN for the first time. Sugar-free type and sweet type are available with a good deal. Please take this opportunity to try it!

US$ 25 US$ 25
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シーフコイダンDX トライアルセット

More well balanced and powerful

Added a high molecular derived from kelp to a low molecular from Mozuku which are extracted in our unique way. All the fucoidan energy in one bottle. Brand new Sea Fucoidan DX is more well-balanced and powerful!​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​

Sea Fucoidan DX sea fucoidan dx

900 ml × 2 bottles

US$ 450

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Seef-Koidan Trial Set

30 ml × 2 bottles


Valid on first time purchase! Limit one per customer.

JPY 1,000

US$ 25

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Taste the 'Plus' and Feel the 'Plus'Form is new ! Ingredient is new !



High-molecular Fucoidan for New Generation
9​ ​ 6 %

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I learned how important my life and health through suffering from a serious illness

Brand New Me Started From Here

Yoshihiko Takamoku

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As a director of Sakura Clinic Hakata, he has been handled 1,115 cases per year in total and gave treatment to 512 people of terminal cancer patients. ​ ​

Sakura Clinic Hakata
Director, Hideyasu Hirano

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SEA FUCOIDAN is made from an extract of Mozuku harvested in rich environments.

We select and use only the best of a rare Mozuku seaweed, grown and harvested in pollution free waters. Please take a look at the place that the products of SEA FUCOIDAN are born.

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