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2019 - 05 - 22 |

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The Key to Japanese Health: What is Natto?

It's been a while since I posted the last article.

Hello everyone, I’m Bunkyou from SEA FUCOIDAN SUPPORT!


It's spring, the season when people make new beginnings and transitions.

It's already half of year past since we started Fucoidan Times.​ ​

Time flies, indeed.


My health consciousness has risen compared to 6 months ago.

What I am thinking now is whatever makes me healthy, I will try and eat it.

I think that Japanese people naturally know nutritional food balance.



Natto is commonly known as healthy food among Japanese people.

When I first tried natto, I didn't like the smell.

But now, natto is essential in my daily meal.


I will explain how natto was born.


In the residence of the Yayoi period, there was an oven and warm inside the residence. The most prevalent theory is that soybean falls on the straw on the floor, it fermented naturally and became natto.

Source:​ ​What is the origin? History of unknown Natto (Japanese Article)



Yayoi period was 1700 to 2300 years ago from now.

It's a quite long history of natto!




Source :​ ​BEANS Tips & History of Natto



The effect of natto is various and is generally known as follows.



Health Benefits of Natto

・Strengthen bone health
・Make body defeats stress
・Improve constipation
・Improve rough skin
・Prevent swelling

Source:​ ​Explanation of Natto: Beauty and Health Effects - My Navi Woman (Japanese Article)


I didn't exactly know how natto is good for us til now.

What I realized by eating natto is improve constipation.​ ​

In addition, my feet are not swollen like I used to.

I will continue my diet incorporate with natto and would like to maintain health.

Let's start a healthy diet with natto!




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