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2019 - 05 - 22 |

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Mozuku: The Secret to Maintain Beauty and Health

Seeking beauty and health in my 30s...

Hello everyone, it's Kumi!


Shortly after spring has come, the summer is just around the corner!

Before that, I have to go on a diet and keep the beauty.

"The importance of beauty from the inside out" is often said in Japan, I think it is true.


When it comes to the food which is most familiar, taste good and nutrition rich food is "mozuku".

Spring is the best season for mozuku. It is very familiar food that sold in a supermarket or convenience store here in Japan.


There are two kinds of mozuku, "Ito mozuku" and "Futo mozuku".

Ito mozuku is thin like a hair and easy to eat like a beverage.

Normally, it is marinated in vinegar. It has taste sour and also the sweetness of mozuku itself.

On the other hand, most of "Futo mozuku" is not seasoned. It's chewy and you can enjoy the texture.


I tried eating unseasoned "Ito mozuku" with green onions and ponzu sauce this time.

It was delicious! I can't believe it is health food!

One pack wasn't enough for me so I ate two packs.


I found the latest article about mozuku.

Raw mozuku can be eaten by simply washing with water. However, unlike pickled in vinegar, you need to season a mozuku.
Mozuku contains a dietary fiber that is called "fucoidan". The slimy substance on the surface of mozuku due to fucoidan. It is said that you can expect to make your skin beautiful and anti-aging effect when you intake.

Source:​ ​Beauty effect by dietary fiber


If it has an effect of making skin beautiful and anti-aging, we should start eating mozuku every day!


On the mainland market, demand for mozuku has been increasing due to the effect of mozuku on health has become known, unseasoned mozuku became popular in the market and expand the repertoire of dishes such as miso soup and Japanese rolled omelet.

Source:​ ​Mozuku draw the greatest attention in China! Increase demand with improved awareness of health. (Japanese article)


People in China are also importing Mozuku from Japan!


I hope that the effect of mozuku become widely known to the world!





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