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2019 - 05 - 22 |

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What happens in our brains when we lie?

By Yuko


It's the time of the year again.

The day that we are allowed to lie or make jokes. Yes, it's April fools' day.

I think that many of you have believed what you heard on 1st of April, even though you knew the day is April fool.


As for myself, I caught up with this trap last year...


Source :NANOMI | MOS Burger Official Site (Japanese website)


Simple and yet supreme.

Hamburger finally reached a whole new level.

Source:​ ​NANOMI | MOS Burger Official Site (Japanese website)


I remember I checked their official site to make sure it is true!


Harmless and funny jokes make us laugh and happy.​ ​

But, have you ever wondered how our brain reacts when we lie?


According to the Dr. Tali Sharot of University College London,

“When we lie for personal gain, our amygdala produces a negative feeling that limits the extent to which we are prepared to lie,” Dr. Sharot said.




Does it ring a bell?

I'm sure you have experienced a small lie.

When your parents asked you, " did you finish your homework? "​ ​

and you replied to it "yes" even though you didn't finish your homework.


A small lie becomes habitual lying. In the end, it leads to fade to feel guilty about lying.


In some occasion, we need to lie to protect or cheer up someone.​ ​

Personally, I feel that we need to lie to make people feel better or easy.


Now, are you ready for April fools' day?

We will see which funny fake news or jokes will make our day!



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