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2019 - 05 - 22 |

We share various health information.

We would like to connect with people from all over the world by sharing information not only about our Fucoidan products and cancer but also health news.


Fucoidan Seminar in Vietnam​ ​

In order to spread SEA FUCOIDAN in the world, Kumi went to the seminar in Vietnam as SEA FUCOIDAN SUPPORT staff!


This seminar was organized by the distributor in Vietnam.​ ​

Dr. Miura who frequently appears in articles of Fucoidan Times was invited as a guest speaker.​ ​​ ​

He gave a lecture with the theme of "Know Cancer and Live Strongly ".


Most of the participants were those who are suffering from cancer or disease and their caregivers.​ ​

We received many questions about fucoidan and mechanism of cancer during the question and answer session.

Local reporters also attended the seminar and they asked questions about fucoidan.

Some participants who are drinking fucoidan from other brand made in Japan wants to try SEA FUCOIDAN.​ ​

They asked us questions about the safety of our fucoidan and made sure it is made in Japan.

That shows that people trust products made in Japan.


In Vietnam, there is less consciousness that cancer is preventable disease compared to Japan.​ ​

However, many people are interested in fucoidan.

When I went to Japantown in Vietnam, I found the supermarket where sells fucoidan products from Japan.​ ​

It seems like many people go there to purchase fucoidan products.


SEA FUCOIDAN DX was served for tasting and give away gifts of SEA FUCOIDAN's original mug cup for the participants.


I have learned Vietnamese health situation, awareness of fucoidan, and Vietnamese culture at this seminar.

We are so glad that we could explain our products to the participates who are interested in fucoidan.

We would like to have a seminar all Asian countries!























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