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2019 - 05 - 22 |

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Vegetables and herbs to color Vietnamese cuisine

By Yuko

Kumi posted the article about the seminar in Vietnam last week.

This time, I would like to talk about Vietnamese cuisine!


My expectation to Vietnamese cuisine was too high,​ ​

but it perfectly met my expectations!

I miss Vietnam already !


Firstly, pho!

Look at these plentiful herbs!​ ​

You can put them on a pho as you like. It smells so good!


Secondly, banh mi!

Bahn mi is served on a French baguette with vegetables, herbs, and meat etc.

You can arrange the taste with seasonings. That was the point I like!


Lastly, I will show you this dish which made me a surprise. I didn't know that Vietnamese eat this kind of seaweeds.

Sea grapes!

I knew that Vietnamese eat seaweed,​ ​

but didn't expect I can eat sea grapes in here!

I ate them with a spicy sauce of wasabi and chili.


In addition to this, we also ate seafood hot pot. We enjoyed Vietnamese cuisine very much!

Many vegetables and herbs are used in every dish.

​ ​I keenly felt that I should eat more vegetables in my diet.


I thought that many Vietnamese people are healthy since they eat a lot of vegetables and herbs on a daily basis. However, I heard that the number of patients with lung cancer and stomach cancer is increasing.

If you don't experience a culture, life, and food with local people, there are many things that you never know.


It was my first business trip to overseas, and I felt that we must ensure the health of as many people as possible through delivering SEA FUCOIDAN!



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