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2019 - 05 - 22 |

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Porridge: Easy and Nutritious Food​ ​

Hello, everyone!



The big holiday is just around the corner!

Where are you planning to visit?

Those who are planning to go overseas, please take care of your health and enjoy your trip!


In this season, there is a disease called May blues in Japan.

When people face new environments such as enter a school or a company, some of them cannot adopt new environments and feel stress both mind and body, causing symptoms similar to depression. The main symptoms are a loss of appetite and motivation.


There are many things you can try to overcome this May blues, such as exercising, reading books, or find a new hobby.

I love eating so I will prevent May blues with food!

Porridge is one of my favorite foods that I've been eating since my childhood.

It is said that custom of eating porridge in China has continued for more than 2000 years.

How about in Japan?


Story about Porridge

Porridge has a long history. People have been eating porridge since Yayoi period. Morning porridge became popular in the Heian period.

Source:​ ​Story about Porridge



Porridge is loved by everyone through the long history.

Although I have been eating porridge a lot, I didn't know the effect of porridge other than cold prevention.


What are the benefits of eating porridge?

Constipation Relief

Porridge contains a large amount of moisture, and it cleans intestines. When constipation is relieved by improving the discharge of stool, escape from obesity becomes possible.


Make your skin smooth

When the movement of the intestines becomes active by eating porridge, the detoxification effect increases as the circulation of the body gets better, it also makes smooth skin effect by promoting metabolism of the youthful skin.

Source:​ ​How to lose weight with porridge (Japanese Article)

Source :How to lose weight with porridge (Japanese Article)


You don't have to buy supplement or medicine to keep your skin smooth from now on!​ ​It's affordable, and anyone can eat it. Highly recommended for Ladies! ​ ​

Moreover, it is easy to cook, and you can freely make arrange a taste. ​ ​


TAMA joined one of the members of SEA FUCOIDAN SUPPORT.

She will post a blog soon!



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