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2019 - 05 - 22 |

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Simple Way to Lose Weight : Anyone Can Do it​ ​

The summer is just around the corner!

You will have more occasion to expose your skin.

Are you keeping your body in shape?

Today, Kumi will introduce a simple way to lose weight that anyone can do!


The important thing in losing weight is work out and diet, but I'm not good at working out.

And I want to eat what I want to eat.

So I found the convenient way to lose weight!


Firstly, ice cream diet!

Ice cream is an indispensable cold treat in hot summer. You can't get away with eating it!

Of course, it's not good for you when you go on a diet!

How can we lose weight with ice cream?


Lactose contained in ice cream.

It is said that women who are aiming for a slim body can be​ ​

expected to have an effect of suppressing an increase in subcutaneous fat and visceral fat.

You have the time when you really want to eat something sweet while you're on a diet.

Even in such a case, ice cream is ok to eat.

Source:​ ​Ice cream diet - losing weight with ice cream (Japanese article)


The following three points to note when choosing ice cream.

1. Ice cream which contains milk solids and milk fat a lot.

2. Ice cream with less than 12% fat.

3. Choose vanilla ice cream.


Next one is a diet with meat.

I don't like carbohydrates and vegetables, so I eat only meat.

It's a suitable way to lose weight for me.

I can't lose weight by just eating.

Let's check it out.


Here are six points of how to eat meat which enhances an effect of diet.​ ​

  • ・Eat in the order of vegetable, meat and carbohydrates.
  • ・Chew well
  • ・Try not to eat minced meat
  • ・Try not to eat fat
  • ・Do not deep-fried
  • ・Choose seasonings low in carbohydrates and lipids

Source:​ ​I'm on a diet but I want to eat meat (Japanese article)


The last one is exercise.

Those who are not good at exercising or do not have time to exercise, you can try with taking a​ ​

deep breath while stretching for only 10 minutes every day at home.


I think that if you can see a little change, it will lead to the next big step.

Relax and enjoy getting ready for summer!







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