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2019 - 05 - 22 |

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Springtime Fatigue

By Yuko

In Japan, the Golden Week is over and everyone will get back to work as usual from today.

On the way to my workplace, I saw some people who were yawning.​ ​

It seems that they returned from vacation feeling exhausted... or they had to work through the vacation.


It's such beautiful weather, but I'm under the weather...

Why do people get sleepy and feel tired in springtime?



The doctors say that lack of sun light during the winter and the low physical activity are some of the factors for the development of spring fatigue. The sudden rise of temperatures causes our body to start cooling, vessels dilating, which increases the flow of blood in the organs and consequently causes lower blood pressure and increased metabolism. All this exhausts the body and we go into the state of fatigue.

Source: Lingula 


I'm not the only one who feel tired in springtime!

Now I understand how my body works when the seasons are changing.


As the weather getting better, we have more opportunities to go out.

However, it seems that we are putting a burden on the body to adapt to climate change.


It is called "spring fatigue" because the symptoms are similar to summer fatigue and occur in spring. There are also data that more than half of people feel spring fatigue in March and April.

During this period, there is a difference in temperatures like summer and winter.

It's not surprising that our body gets tired.


How should we deal with spring fatigue?



If spring fatigue has taken hold of you, there are some easy solutions you can put in place.

   ・Spend more time outdoors to release more serotonin

   ・Exercise to keep your body active

   ・Eat healthier options like fruits, vegetables, and anything with vitamins and minerals

   ・Stay hydrated

Source: SleepScore labs. 


That's so simple!

I would like to try these tips.

Eat well, move daily and stay hydrated!

Also, the quality of my sleep can be improved by healthy lifestyle!


Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, an important substance related to mental stability and sleep.

Sympathetic nerves are stimulated and serotonin increases when you sunbathe.


I felt that It is hard to push myself to do something in this season.

I found out where my tiredness comes from!

Next step is to try the solution to maintain healthy body and mind!


Since our body works hard to catch up with changes in the climate, we have to take nutrition and​ ​

do exercise to prevent spring fatigue!





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