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2019 - 05 - 22 |

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Protect Your Liver while Enjoying Drinking

To those who love drinking, Kumi who are health conscious will introduce how to enjoy drinking​ ​

while maintaining health!


Japanese Sake is famous worldwide.

I think some people tend to drink more than enough.

There are so many IZAKAYA (Japanese pub) in Japan, many people go to drink alcohol almost every day.

Korean people also like to drink and are famous for a high tolerance.

Many of them come to Japan to enjoy drinking at an IZAKAYA.


The bright side of alcohol, we can have an enjoyable moment by drinking. However, it leads to lowering liver function.

I found the reason why we could drink alcohol in the article is that liver has detoxication.

Glutathione is important substance for detoxification!



Glutathione is in all of your cells. But it’s most concentrated in your liver—seven to 10 times more than anywhere else. Which makes sense. Your liver is all about detox, and glutathione is essential for those natural processes.

That’s why the liver is the best place for your glutathione tattoo.

Source:​ ​5 Reasons Why Glutathione is the Best



What is a good way to improve liver function?

The fastest way is taking a glutathione supplement.

Next thing is an improvement of eating habits. It is needless to say that vegetables and fruits are good for your liver.

Besides that, it seems that quinoa, barnyard millet, and buckwheat are also good. Instead of that, it may be good to switch to quinoa, barnyard millet, and buckwheat.

The reason is...



Grains which is rich contained gluten such as wheat and secale cereale is burden fro liver detoxification and enzyme secretion.

Source:​ ​Must-see! Detox Your Liver (Japanese article)


It's not too late to start caring for your liver!

Let's keep healthy body with taking supplement and foods which is rich in glutathione!





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