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Seed of women's trouble "Swelling"

By Yuko

Swelling is the biggest source of worry for women.

I often get swollen feet.​ ​

What happened to me made me think about taking care of my feet seriously.


That was when I got on an airplane.

Even if I tried to wear shoes, I couldn't wear them!

I felt my toes cramped, but I didn't have any other choice to wear the shoes. It was so painful!


Women originally have more subcutaneous fat and less muscle than men and tend to get swelling as compared to men.​ ​

In addition, the symptom of swelling increase with age.


What is the cause of swelling?


The cause of swelling can be roughly divided into 2 types.

The first reason is that unnecessary moisture "interstitial fluid" in the blood increases and accumulates between the cell and the cell. Interstitial fluid increases because of poor blood circulation.
The second reason is because the flow of lymph in lymph vessels beside blood vessels stagnates.When the flow of liquid that collects and discharges waste matter inside a body gets stuck, the moisture will cause swelling.

Source:​ ​fuminners (Japanese Article)


Poor blood circulation occurs when you keep the same posture for a long time without moving.

For example, when you take long-haul flight or stay at desk work almost all day etc.

Lymph flow is flowing by the movement of the muscles surrounding the lymph vessels.

Those who have decreased muscular strength due to lack of workout, there is a possibility that the flow of lymph is also getting worse.


The tips to reduce swelling are...


・Take a nice relaxing bath and improve blood circulation.

No matter how you are tired, you need to soak in a bath. Taking a shower cannot reduce your tiredness.


・After making your body warms up and muscle relaxed, massage the area which a lymph nodes are located: the back of the knee, inguinal part, around clavicle and face line etc.

There are hundreds of lymph nodes in the body. When you give massage your calves, don't forget to massage thigh and inguinal region so that the lymph fluid spreads throughout the body.


· Reduce salt intake

In case you took too much salt, eat food which contains a lot of potassium such as spinach, soybean and wakame! It helps to eject salty from a body.


· Stay hydrated

Moderate hydration improves blood circulation.


The more I learn about health, the more I know that I have to stick with the basic for better health.


To reduce swelling, I will try what I can do, step by step!

I want you to try too♪



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