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2019 - 05 - 27 |

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Tasty Trap of Margarine

Hello, everyone!



Summer is just around the corner!

Are you managing physical health condition?

It is important to get fit before summer comes.


I would like to talk about "margarine" today.




Everyone knows what margarine is.

At my home, we eat toast with margarine and yogurt. That's our classic breakfast.

I often use margarine, because of it cheaper than butter and made from vegetable oil.

But, the other day, I read the article that margarine is bad for health.

In Taiwan, from July of this year, it seems to prohibit the use of edible oil called trans fatty acid for foods which is also included in margarine.

Let's find out why!


How is margarine made of?

Margarine is an oil which is made from artificially, made from vegetable fats or animal fats as an ingredient and taste similar to butter.

Hydrogenation must be done during the production of margarine, and trans fatty acids will be contained by this process.

This trans fatty acid is said to be bad for your health.


The oils contain trans fatty acids cause arteriosclerosis and​ ​

increase lifestyle diseases such as heart disease,​ ​

diabetes mellitus, and cancer etc. have been reported, and regulations and elimination have already been taken in Western countries in around 2004.​ ​

Source:​ ​Native Life


According to the data, the content of trans fatty acids in 20g margarine is 2g.

It is said that this is a safe range for the human body.

Foods such as fast food and convenience store food may contain margarine, and I think that it is difficult to avoid foods using margarine in daily life.

There are some measures such as using butter instead of margarine, cook at home more often and cut down the amount of eating cookies.

Let's enjoy food while understanding margarine, and eating less food that has a bad effect on our body!







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