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Food Trends in Korea: Surprising Benefits of Brazil Nuts

Hello, everyone! It's Kumi! Today is the 4th day since I started to go on a diet. I will introduce superfoods, Brazil nuts today!


Recently, Brazil nuts are a trend in Korea and are sold in most of the supermarkets. 

Why did Brazil nuts become very popular? 

The reason is that its surprising power.


What is the health benefits of eating Brazil nuts?


Nuts are rich in fat, vitamin E, vitamin B and magnesium etc which are good for the heart, and are useful for reducing the risk of heart disease. Especially selenium, which is contained in Brazil nuts, makes proteins in sperm and is related to blood concentration.

For that reason, it is recommended to eat nuts, especially Brazil nuts as snacks or toppings of yogurt every day.

Source:Best Diet for Health (Japanese article)


Why are Brazil nuts recommended from among many kinds of nuts?


Selenium is important for keeping a liver healthy and is an essential mineral. However, it is only contained a very small quantity in a body. According to the research of 2016 that examined about more than 470,000 adults, the person with the high content rare of selenium has the lower risk of liver cancer, one fifth and one tenth, as compared to the person with the low content rare of selenium.

One of the reasons is that selenium is indispensable for glutathione peroxidase which is detoxification enzyme and an antioxidative component for working well in a liver.

If you want to intake enough selenium, nutrient-rich Brazil nuts are recommended. You can intake selenium required for a day with just one or two of Brazil nuts. *If you’re allergic to tree nut, please avoid eating Brazil nuts.

Source:Protect Your Liver with Brazil Nuts (Japanese article)


Is it effective for cancer? How amazing!


Just because it is good for your body, you have to avoid eating lots of Brazil nuts at the same time.

From 1 to 2 grains per day is a standard, and if you eat more than that, adversely affect your body.

It is easy to try eating one grain every day. It looks like it can reasonably be continued for health.

Brazil nuts are good for your skin as well. Please try it out!









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