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2018 - 07 - 23 |

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Stay Healthy in Summer Season

Hello everyone!


Summer is just around the corner!

It seems that the temperature in Fukuoka today exceeds 30 degrees.


We went on a business trip to Taiwan last week.

The temperature in Taiwan was slightly higher than in Japan, and my body was unable to respond to changes in temperature. I wasn't feeling well after I came back to Japan.

I realized that the temperature influences my health greatly, for the first time.

It was a good opportunity to look up how to stay healthy during summer time!


You will not feel sick by relieving cold of internal organs!

It is said that the most difficult period for you to maintain a physical condition is around July.

In these times, the situation such as even if the outside is hot like sweltering, the air conditioning is working well inside the room often happens.

Your body can not keep up with changes in the environment such as temperature and humidity, and it becomes stressful.

As a result, the nervous system is disturbed, causing "summer fatigue" such as fatigue and anorexia.

Source:The low body temperature in summer cause a poor health.


After reading this article, I have tried to eat stomach-friendly food and set a limit on the amount to eat for a week.

In addition, I have tried to take a bath slowly and sleep on time.

A week later, I finally recovered!

Summer in Japan is hot and long.

In order to spend the summer cheerfully, I felt that maintain physical condition is really important.

Stay healthy and have a great summer!





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