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2018 - 07 - 23 |

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Improvement of Atopic Dermatitis: Importance of the Immune System in Intestinal

Recently, it has been so hot! 

The venue of FIFA world cup must be hotter than here!

Today, Kumi will introduce some health information as a representative of Japan!


It's boiling hot outside, and I'm drenched in sweat every day!

I have a hard time choosing clothes as my skin is sensitive, and I'm allergic to chemical fiber.

Sometimes, I get nettle rash and itching.

In modern times, there seem to be many people who get allergies. 

The most people think an atopic dermatitis is one of most hard to cure among dermatitis.

Actually, the cause of allergy and atopy seems to have related to the intestinal immune cells.



 Intestinal bacteria are also involved in lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and allergic diseases which have been rapidly increasing in recent years. The key to preventing of those symptoms is "short‐chain fatty acid" acetic acid and butyric acid produced by good bacteria.

As various functions become apparent, one of them is involved in insulin which lowers blood glucose levels. It is expected to play a role in promoting secretion and preventing diabetes. Short-chain fatty acids have effects of increasing the regulation of the immune response and to suppress allergic diseases such as inflammation by promoting the increase of "regulatory T cells" to prevent an excessive immune response. Then, how to increase short-chain fatty acids?

It is said that if you feed to good bacteria enough, a short-chain fatty acid will be produced by fermentation. The feed is a dietary fiber which is often contained in vegetables, fruits, seaweed, etc.

Source:Relationship Between Intestinal Environment and Allergy (Japanese article)


I will break the explanation down because it is difficult to understand. It means that we get various diseases when intestinal immune cells decrease.

The deadliest disease is diabetes which increases the disease rate of cancer.

Let's see what effect seaweed which has rich with dietary fiber!



The sticky ingredients in seaweeds are water-soluble dietary fiber. The water-soluble dietary fiber not only promotes bowel movement by dissolving with water but also has a detox effect of absorbing and discharging harmful substances, and improving the intestinal environment by becoming a feed for good bacteria. Even a water-soluble dietary fiber alone is seaweeds that will help enough to intestinal environment, but "magnesium" contained in seaweed also help to the intestinal environment!

Source:Every Japanese People Can Intake the Power of Seaweed (Japanese article)


You can prevent diseases and keep you healthy by eating a lot of seaweed!

Seaweed seems to become a boom among celebrities and models in the United States.

If you have atopy or allergy, let's try to eat more seaweeds!





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