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How Many "Ribbons" Do You Know?

By Yuko

The symbol of early detection and correct knowledge of cancer,Awareness ribbon 

How many kinds of ribbons do you know?


The Awareness ribbons in Japan is not known as other countries do.

I feel embarrassed to say, but I got to know that there are various ribbons for the first time, when I joined the pink ribbon campaign at a former job.


Today, I would like to learn about the ribbons of three major cancer in Japan, lung cancer, colon cancer and stomach cancer.


Lung Cancer



Awareness Month : November


Meanings: Promotion of lung cancer eradication and examination.


Lung cancer is said to be the hardest to cure. The main cause is smoking, but the number of people who develop cancer is also increasing among non-smokers. In recent years, the number of cases caused by air pollution is also increasing.


Colon Cancer


Awareness Month : March

Color : Dark blue

Meanings: Colon cancer awareness campaign


Colon cancer increases from the 40s, the higher the prevalence rate as getting older.

The cause is considered to be related to lifestyle, the risk of colon cancer is increased by red meat, processed meat, alcohol, and smoking.


Stomach Cancer


Awareness Month : November


Meanings: Stomach cancer awareness campaign


Stomach cancer was once the leading cause of Japanese deaths. Currently, the number of patients is decreasing due to the progress of medical treatment, but even in the global view, the incidence of gastric cancer in Japanese is high.

The main factors of stomach cancer are the intake of salty foods such as pickles and dried fish, smoking and infection of Helicobacter pylori which has carcinogenic action.



Besides these, there are ribbons of various colors such as pancreatic cancer for purple ribbons, skin cancer for black ribbons, etc. Every awareness campaign is actively carried out in the world!


For those who can not participate in volunteer activities, you can contribute by purchasing cancer awareness products. In order to protect yourself and loved one, it is also important to have the correct knowledge and encourage to go a health check for each other.


I hope this article would be the opportunity to know more about colorful ribbons!




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