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Fucoidan will change your world.

Sea Fucoidan DX exceeds Sea Fucoidan

Sea Fucoidan was born in 1997, based on the mission that "we will support everyone's health and happiness."
Long before the name of "Fucoidan" became popular, we have continued to tell people how amazing our Fucoidan products are.
Now that the name "Fucoidan" has spread into the world, we have reached the mission that " reconsidering our products, being a good listener for customers and offering the highest quality goods" again. 

Aimed for a new form of Fucoidan


Low molecular 


Useful ingredient

60% Up

Dietary fiber volume

Reach Beyond Our Limits

Ultra low molecular is unique to Sea Fucoidan

We make seaweed ingredients into molecular weight as low as possible by using our unique enzyme decomposition technology. 
Originally, the molecular weight of fucoidan exceeds 200,000. It is said that the molecular weight that human beings can absorb into the body is about 3000. If it wasn't making it into low molecular fucoidan, it would approximately discharge from the body. 
Sea Fucoidan DX achieves efficient absorption of fucoidan into the body by setting the average molecular weight to 500 or less. That is how you can absorb fucoidan smoothly into our body by Sea Fucoidan DX!


The original molecular weight



Low molecular weight

Sulfate group 13% or more with low molecular

We decompose into low molecules with sulfate group combined with fucose in order to preserve the function of Fucoidan.
More than 13% sulfate groups are combined in order to fulfill the physiological function of Fucoidan.


Sulfate group


Become more powerful by high molecular

Sea Fucoidan DX contains sediment called Ori.
Fine fibers and polyphenols etc. mixed with in Ori are indispensable nutritional ingredients to make the most of Fucoidan.
It is extracted twice as much time as the conventional one to extract the Ori so as not to disturb the ingredient balance. 


Extraction time

Doubled seaweed ingredients by Mozuku(Cladosiphone) and Kelp

A seaweed ingredient extracted from high-quality Chilean kelp is added to Tongan Mozuku extract which is grown wild in Tonga. 
Useful component such as Fucoxanthin is further enriched and the amount of dietary fiber is greatly increased compared with conventional products.

Learn more about Tongan Mozuku  


Dietary fiber


Sea Fucoidan DX is a hybrid fucoidan which is combined with low molecular and high molecular Fucoidan

Low molecular extract

Succeeded in ultra low molecular weight, while keeping the function of Fucoidan intact.

It made active absorption from the oral cavity and stomach possible.

High molecular extract

It reaches the intestine without decomposition in the oral cavity and stomach.
It stimulates and activates the intestinal wall.

The new Fucoidan DX has characteristics a strong flavor and richness of the extract.
Furthermore, Fucoidan extracted from kelp is blended, and fucoxanthin and CCK are further strengthened.


It is a kind of oil-soluble carotenoid. It is a rare ingredient that is slightly contained only in brown algae. It is strongly antioxidant and also considered to play a role of apoptosis induction in Fucoidan.


Low molecular component found as immune regulator derived from Mozuku. It is said to have immunostimulatory and anti-inflammatory action.

Comparison with conventional products

DX is also content deluxe.

Sea Fucoidan DX has evolved much further than conventional products.

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Sea Fucoidan DX

15.6 mg / ml

Normal type

8.6 mg / ml

Sulfate group



Sea Fucoidan DX

4.9 mg / ml

Normal type

2.35 mg / ml

In order to drink our products without anxiety...

preservatives and artificial color are not used at all.

Quality Inspection & Assessment 

Quality Inspection & Assessment 

Our fucoidan sets high standards in the manufacturing process,
and is certified by various external organizations.

It is a proof that our fucoidan products has been certified by the worldwide quality assurance organizations.
Our products should be safe and reliable to help improve everyone's health.
We continuously conduct quality control and deliver safe and reliable fucoidan.

Sensory Analysis / Radioactivity Inspection

Sensory Analysis / Radioactivity Inspection

Food Canning Establishment (FCE)
Submission Identifier (SID)


Health Food Approval Certificate of China CFDA

Health Food Approval Certificate of China CFDA

Raw material

Mozuku (Cladosiphon) grown in Tonga is used in ultra-low molecular weight Fucoidan.

Kingdom of Tonga, Southern Paradise

Fucoidan raw materials include Okinawa Mozuku (Cladosiphon Okamuranus), Mekabu (Turnips) and Konbu (Kelp). We use Tongan Mozuku which is grown in rich ocean.It contains higher Fucoidan with higher quality and secured safety.

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Sea Fucoidan DX 900 ml 2 pcs set

Sea Fucoidan DX


2 bottles  with measuring cup


● Taste types can be chosen from naturally sweetened type(honey) or sugar-free type.

● For those who purchase for the first time, detailed materials will be bundled.

Sea Fucoidan trial set

Sea Fucoidan DX


2 bottles [Trial set]


● Taste types can be chosen from naturally sweetened type(honey) or sugar-free type.

● Detailed brochure and commentary DVD about Sea Fucoidan are included.

●This item is limited to one per customer for the first time purchase only.

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Sea Fucoidan 30 ml 10 pieces set

Sea Fucoidan DX


30ml × 10 bottles set


● Taste types can be chosen from naturally sweetened type(honey) or sugar-free type.

● For those who purchase for the first time, detailed materials will be bundled.


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