Sea Fucoidan "Normal"

Fucoidan normal type

Origin of low molecular Fucoidan

Sea fucoidan sea fucoidan

Since 1997

Long-selling items which have been loved by everyone

Our standard model of the product,"Sea Fucoidan Normal Type" which has been loved by everyone as a pioneer of low molecular Fucoidan product since Sea Fucoidan was born in 1997.We have repeated minor change to improve the quality of our products since then. It is still a product that everyone loves as a representive of low molecular Fucoidan product!

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Our unique low molecular technology

The difference between Sea Fucoidan and other fucoidans is the unique low molecular technology. Currently you might often hear of a low molecule. Sea Fucoidan is a long-standing low molecular product as a pioneer among them.

We have adopted a unique low molecular technology to realize a systemic absorption close to 100%.

Advanced ultra low molecular technology

Fucoidan is originally said to be a high molecular polysaccharide. It is difficult to absorb it in the body. However, by using our own ultra low molecular technology, we have realized nearly 100% absorption in the body and maintain the function of Fucoidan even if it is very small molecule.

Stable sulfate group bond

We believe that more than 13% of sulfate group bond is necessary for Fucoidan to exert physiological function.    
We have brought about sulfate group formed stably even if it is a low molecule.

Minimize molecular weight ! Maximize Fucoidan's function!

The key to demonstrate the power of Fucoidan is sulfate group. 

We have challenged and succeeded molecular weight to the utmost limit, 500 or less.

Stable binding content is 13% or more 

In order to drink our products without anxiety...

preservatives and artificial color are not used at all.

Raw material

Mozuku (Cladosiphon) grown in Tonga is used in ultra-low molecular weight Fucoidan.

Kingdom of Tonga, Southern Paradise

Fucoidan raw materials include Okinawa Mozuku (Cladosiphon Okamuranus), Mekabu (Turnips) and Konbu (Kelp). We use Tongan Mozuku which is grown in rich ocean.It contains higher Fucoidan with higher quality and secured safety.

More details

More useful components added.

Sea Fucoidan DX has been further evolved.

Comparison with Sea Fucoidan DX is here.

Sea Fucoidan "Normal"

Ultra-low molecular seaweed extract

Sea Fucoidan Normal Type


900 ml × 2

You can choose from sweetened type or sugar-free type.

[Raw materials]

Seaweed extract (Mozuku, low molecular extract), Honey (only for sweetened type), Vitamin C, Acidulant(Citric acid), Vitamin B6, Nicotinic-acid amide, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2

[Nutritional component per 100 g]

【Sugar-free type】

Energy 4kcal / Protein 0.1g / Lipid 0.1g / Carbohydrate 0.5g / Fiber 0.5g / Natrium 23mg / Vitamin C 200mg / Vitamin B1 1mg / Vitamin B6 1mg

【Sweetened type】

Energy 17kcal / Protein 0.1g / Lipid 0.1g / Carbohydrate 4.1g / Fiber 0.5g / Natrium 23mg / Vitamin C 200mg / Vitamin B1 1mg / Vitamin B6 1mg

[How to take]
Take 30 ml 2~4 times a day before meals or on an empty stomach

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Seafucoidan normal 900ml

Sea Fucoidan "Normal"


2 bottles  with measuring cup


● Taste types can be chosen from naturally sweetened type(honey) or sugar-free type.

● For those who purchase for the first time, detailed materials will be bundled.

Seafucoidan normal 30 ml

Sea Fucoidan "Normal"


30ml × 10 bottles set


● Only the sweetened type is available.

● For those who purchase for the first time, detailed materials will be bundled.


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