GluCore DX

Glucore DX glucoredx

Maintain your cells

Glucore glucore dx

This is a capsule to maintain your cells.

By activating cells themselves
A supplement developed for the purpose of revitalizing the cells.

Three yeasts of Glucore DX

Torula yeast

Torula yeast contained in Glucore DX has the characteristic that it contains very much glutathione.
Glutathione is an essential nutrient for maintaining health, and it has the function of eliminating toxic substances in the cell and active oxygen.

Selenium yeast

Selenium yeast contains a lot of selenium.
The role of selenium is necessary for the activity of glutathione which decomposes hydrogen peroxide into the water at the last stage of the electron transfer system of the pentose phosphate pathway (life support device).
By supplementing selenium, it enhances the body's antioxidant power, retards aging, and further boosts immunity.
It is included in ginseng, garlic, etc., but the content is only a little.

Brewery yeast

Brewery yeast is a microorganism (yeast) necessary for producing beer.
Brewery yeast contains abundant ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

The greatest feature of Glucore DX,
Torula yeast has cell maintenance apparatus which is high in glutathione content. 

What is cell maintenance apparatus "glutathione"?

Originally, the ingredient "glutathione" is an important factor in order to keep the cells healthy. Glutathione is a substance called tripeptide biosynthesized in the body from three amino acids, glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine. Glutathione is present in cells of every organ in the body. However, intracellular glutathione gradually decreases with aging. Various health problems are reported as the amount of glutathione in the body decreases.

The relation between age and glutathione level

Glutathione is a reliable and safe ingredient.

There is no side effect of Glutathione.  

There is no problem even if you overdose.

There is no problem with eating together.

                    Glucore DX regain vigorous cells,
Creating cells that will not be falling ill.                 

GluCore DX

Torula yeast · Selenium yeast extract containing food



[Raw materials]

Torula yeast extract / Brewery yeast / Selenium yeast / Calcium stearate 

Vitamin B 1 / Silicon dioxide / Caramel pigment (including soybeans as part of raw materials) / HPMC (capsule)

[Nutrition Facts (0.58 g)per 2 capsules]

Energy 2.05 kcal / Protein 0.30 g / Lipid 0.01 g / Carbohydrate 0.19 g /

Sodium 0.83 mg

[How to take]
Please take 1 to 3 capsules daily with water or lukewarm water.

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