History of Sea Fucoidan

From 1913 until today


Discovery of Fucoidan

It was discovered by the Swedish scientist H · Z · Kylin and was named after the scientific name genus Fucus of the genus Hibamata.


The research of Fucoidan has been popular since the 1970s.

Anticancer effects were reported in the Japanese Cancer Association in 1996, and it became popular as a health food.


Ultra Low Molecular Mozuku Extract
Sea Fucoidan was born

Sea Fucoidan has become a major product in Japan.
The pioneer of Fucoidan product, Sea Fucoidan was born.

1998 Seafukoidan was born


Variety of Sea Fucoidan

The various types of product announced such as size, sugar-free type or sweetened type, liquid or granule and so on.

A handy granule type of Sea Fucoidan launched!

Stick type Sea Fucoidan
Variety of Sea Fucoidan


Sea Fucoidan 30ml bottle 

This was born by strong customer's request.
Suitable for those who try Sea Fucoidan for the first time.

Sea Fucoidan 30ml bottle 


Mr. Takamoku who was a former member of famous band in Japan was appeared on commercial of Sea Fucoidan.


Improvement of Sea Fucoidan

Changed from 1800ml bottle to 900ml bottles for easier to drink.

Improvement of Sea Fucoidan


Ultra High Concentrated Seaweed Extract
Sea Fucoidan DX was born

Succeeded to add new ingredients by our unique technology. Began selling it as the best product in the lineup of Sea Fucoidan.

Seafucoidan DX was born


Sample Set
Sea Fucoidan DX

Made a sample set with affordable price for those who drink fucoidan for the first time.

Sea Fucoidan DX trial set

Thank you for your support!
Sea Fucoidan marked the 20th anniversary in 2017!


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