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Yoshihiko Takamoku



Name :Yoshihiko Takamoku

Birthplace :Kurume-city, Fukuoka Prefecture

Date of birth:September 9, 1962

Yanagawa high school graduated in 1980. Participated in band named Checkers in 1983. Officially debut with "Lullaby for a broken heart" in 1992. NHK Kohaku singing contest on New Year's eve was a final stage by Checkers. In November, 2002 had big surgery of gastro oesophageal junction cancers. In 2003 and 2004, published two essays which was written about his love for his family and the importance of health while continuing his activities as a TV personality.

<Q> Mr. TAKAMOKU is travelling around the country by giving lectures. How do you keep yourself healthy?


I would say building up my physical strength. I don’t push myself too hard because I’m not that young anymore. I try to do light exercise such as walking when I have time. Thanks to that, I have positive attitude about writing, lecture and being TV personality. I’m in excellent condition .

<Q> You are in good shape now!And you seem to enjoy a fulfilling life.


As I look back on my life so far, I think that my mind is stabilized at the best in the past few years. Concerning health, the first thing you must value is "Spirit". The body can be energetic by having families to protect, a worthwhile job and a feeling of worth living. You should be able to live a healthier life as a result. Dietary habit is quite important of course. To eat well every day - this is the basis of leading a healthy life, isn't it ?

<Q> That is to say, you are interested in health foods, aren't you ?


I have never taken any special drinks for health other than meals. I had a chance to find "Sea Fucoidan" a year ago and I'm now trying to drink it everyday as it is a natural ingredient.

<Q>Did you know the ingredient named Fucoidan through it before?


It is a gel-like component contained in seaweeds. I started studying about health two years ago. I often heard about Fucoidan 's power, which was contained in Mozuku in particular. Various Fucoidan products are on the market, aren't they ? I'm wondering if everyone is bothered by which one to choose among them.

<Q> Then, You have met "Sea Fucoidan" haven't you ?


It is meaningless to be excreted directly no matter how good it is for a body. Seaweeds are poorly digested and absorbed. But "Sea Fucoidan" is made by small molecule as much as possible by original technology, then the body can absorb it properly. I am not good at chemistry, so I do not know much further. But certainly it has a smooth taste and a clean finish. My first thought "I can continue to drink this !" Besides, it is rich in essential amino acids, vitamin B and dietary fiber. I told my wife to take it for nutritional supplementation.

<Q>Could you let us know your idea for health guideline at the end ?


Honestly speaking, I thought I should have met "Sea Fucoidan" in earlier... I spent an outrageous life when I was young, and I am planning to convey my message on appreciation of health for many people as I care for my body and health.​ ​

I am sure that you have become more energetic by Mr. TAKAMOKU's lively talk. Thank you very much for today.

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