Safety and high-quality of Fucoidan

South Pacific Tonga

We use safety and high quality Fucoidan from Kingdom of Tonga.

The Kingdom of Tonga comprises around 170 large and small islands in the South Pacific Ocean. It locates at a point where dateline and tropic of capricorn. The total surface area is about 697K㎡ and a population of 100,000. The kingdom is surrounded by waters that are said to be 'the second deepest in the world' rising from the Tonga Trench. The oceanic waters around the Kingdom are pollution-free and abundant in high quality minerals. Not a trace of heavy metals, indicating polluted waters, has been detected.     


Mozuku growing in deep-ocean water of the antarctic where the second deepest of the world Tonga Trench is lying.

Mineral abundant Mozuku

The antarctic ocean current rich in minerals and pollution-free.Tongan Mozuku grows in this deep-ocean water.

Tongan Mozuku grown under such conditions is excellent in safety and rich in minerals, even though it is said that seaweeds accumulate heavy metals such as arsenic and lead. Furthermore, in Tonga, bullets of guns and cannon-balls are not under water because there is no history of war. There is originally no seawater contamination.

Natural Fucoidan

In Tonga, efforts of "protecting nature" have been undertaking in the entire country.

Efforts to protect nature

We use our own collection method to limit the harvesting period from August to October, local winter, to secure resources while protecting the ecological system.

In addition, the divers dive into the ocean and collect natural Mozuku carefully by their own hands.

As a result, efficient components contained in Fucoidan are harvested without damaging.

A Thorough Quality Control

We refine Fucoidan of high purity and high quality through our unique manufacturing method from extraction of Fucoidan through ultrafiltration, spray drying and sterilization.

Extraction by original method
Purification treatment
Primary inspection at Quality Control Division
Second consignment inspection by a third party organization
I'm concerned about the effect of radioactivity.
You can drink with confidence since Sea Fucoidan uses Mozuku from Tonga Kingdom and Kelp uses from Chile.
Is it safe to use it with medicine?
Basically there is no problem since Sea Fucoidan is not a medicine. Please consult a doctor,if you are concerned.
Can drinking too much Sea fucoidan cause a high intake of iodine?
Lodine is completely removed at production process.
Are there any side effects?
There is no side effect because our Sea Fucoidan is extracted from natural Mozuku and kelp, but it may be a case that the stomach loosens due to intake a lot. In that case, we recommend that you adjust the amount to drink.
Does fucoidan contains toxic substances such as heavy metals?
トンガ王国では戦争の歴史が無いため、鉄砲の銃弾や大砲の玉が沈んでいません。そのため重金属・化学物質などによる海洋汚染がなく ミネラルも豊富で良質なフコイダンが採取できるのです。

日本の工場からできたてのフコイダンを直接お届けします。 全世界送料無料
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