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To use our products in relief

For those who will drink Sea Fucoidan for the first time or those who want to drink it in combination with other products, we offer counseling so that you can drink Sea Fucoidan reliably and safely.

※Consultation is by appointment only.

First of all

We have managed to start this service with great cooperation and understanding of Dr. Hirano. For inquiries, please be sure to get an appointment in advance via Sea Fucoidan's inquiry form.

Sakura Clinic Hakata Director

Sakura Clinic Hakata

Director, Dr. Hidehisa HIRANO


Graduated from Kumamoto University, School of Medicine [MD]

Graduated from Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University [Ph.D.]

NCI / NIH Molecular Biology Laboratory in the US [Molecular Biology]

Worked at the University of Occupational and Environmental Health [Faculty of Medicine Biochemistry, Lecturer]

Worked at medical corporation Kenbikai, Sasaki Hospital [Director]

Institute of Biomedical Fuzzy Systems [The eighth President]

Worked at medical corporation Akanekai Katsuyama clinic [Director]

Worked at medical corporation Akanekai Showa hospital [Director]

Assumed the post of the first honorary director of medical corporation Akanekai Showa Hospital

Worked at medical corporation Kieikai, Fukuoka Kieikai Hospital [Director of the Center]

Sakura Clinic, Hakata [Director]

Sakura Clinic, Hakata / Blog of the director


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Q1 What is a second opinion?

Q2 I would like to take a second opinion, but it is difficult to speak about to my attending physician.

Q3 My attending physician seems too busy to answer my questions.

Q4 Is it possible to combine it with other medicines?

Q5 What kind of dietetic therapy is more effective ?

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