How well do you know about fucoidan?
On this page, we will show you from the birth of fucoidan to characteristics of Sea fucoidan!

Let's learn about FUCOIDAN!

Fucoidan was discovered about 100 years ago, in 1913.

It was found by Swedish scientist Kylin, and named "fucoidan".


Dr. Kylin focused on the fact that many of the people living in the coastal area are healthy. 
He thought that there is something unique action in seaweed. That's how he started to research on the slimy ingredients in seaweeds, and he found that is a new ingredient. It is said that this was a first found of fucoidan that is drawing attention from the world.

Fucoidan was not widely known in the beginning

It had not drawn much attention for a while after the discovery of fucoidan.
By that time, it was difficult to extract fucoidan. For that reasons, there were few new discovery or reports of fucoidan.
However, the research of fucoidan has been becoming popular since the 1970s.

Fucoidan reached the big turning point in 1996

In 1996, at the 55th the Japanese Cancer Association, it was announced that fucoidan has an effect (apoptosis) that selectively works on cancer cells and leads to natural death. That was the start of attracting attention from the public. After that, many fucoidan related products announced.

Made low molecular weight fucoidan in 1997

We began sales of our Sea Fucoidan in 1997 the year after the announcement of apoptotic effect. Sea Fucoidan became the world's first low molecular fucoidan product. Sea Fucoidan is enjoyed in the world every day.

We are committed to making low molecular fucoidan

The structure of fucoidan is called high molecular polysaccharide. The molecular weight is too large to not absorbed by the human body.
The molecular weight that human body can absorb is about 3000 or less. On the other hand, the average molecular weight of Mozuku from Tonga, which is used to make Sea Fucoidan is 470,000. We made it into a low molecular fucoidan so that our body can absorb it smoothly!

Deciding factor for choosing a fucoidan

Polymer Fucoidan

High Molecular Fucoidan (Tonga) 

Molecular Weight 470,000

フコイダンの低分子化 高分子フコイダンの低分子化

Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan

Molecular Weight 500

The most important thing when choosing an excellent fucoidan is absorption rate. If it is not a molecular weight of fucoidan which can be easily absorbed into the body, fucoidan can't maximize its ability.
Low molecular fucoidan is recommendable for people who have a weak stomach, or elderly people.
The Pioneer
Our fucoidan is
the pioneer of
low molecular fucoidan product.
It’s a whole new FUCOIDAN experience.

"Fucoidan is about high molecular weight." That was our image of fucoidan before we commercialized fucoidan.In 1997, low molecular fucoidan was made that aim to efficiently absorbs fucoidan into the body.
Low molecular fucoidan product with maximize the function of fucoidan was born.

Low molecular fucoidan was born in 1997
Product Improvement
For everyone who drink fucoidan,
We want you to feel our fucoidan with rich ingredient.

It's been 20 years since we began selling and developing fucoidan product in 1997.
We have added a fucoidan extracted from Chilean Durvillaea kelp that contains many useful ingredients.
As a result, useful ingredients such as fucoxanthin and CCK are further enhanced. Dietary fiber and mineral are also significantly improved than conventional products.

*CCK is a naturally-derived anti-inflammatory ingredient
and is a component mostly contained in Durvillaea kelp from Chile.

Double Seaweed Ingredient
Tongan Mozuku × Chilean Kelp
Latest version of fucoidan >> SEAFUCOIDAN SEAFUCOIDANDX splash







Fucoidan extracted from natural Mozuku of Tonga 

Although fucoidan is derived from several raw materials, there is no noticeable difference in fucose which is composed mainly.
The sea of Kingdom of Tonga is blessed with the beautiful ocean. The fucoidan extracted from natural Mozuku that grows there is high contained fucoidan, high quality, and reliable.

We use a natural Mozuku, not a farmed Mozuku

We chose organic Tongan Mozuku which is grown in deep-ocean water as a raw material of fucoidan.
ほとんどのモズクは「人工的な種付け」をして養殖しておりますが、トンガモズクは自然に成育するモズクから種を網に付着させて 育成するという手法で環境にも無理のない育成をしています。

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日本の工場からできたてのフコイダンを直接お届けします。 全世界送料無料
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