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(この記事は非公開・削除しないでください:テスト記事)Easy Methods to Relieve Stress at Home

How do you relieve your stress?


I usually sleep well on the weekends, do morning yoga, do my nails, watch some TV shows all day, eat something I like, etc. I do whatever I want.



Although I am not sure if these methods are reducing my stress!



People usually go on a trip and have fun, however, most of them stay home during this pandemic and I think many people get stressed easily.

It sucks that we cannot drink alcohol at restaurants.



I listed up some easy methods to relieve stress at home below, so let’s take a look at them!




Straighten your posture and control your breathing without thinking anything.

You might think of something unconsciously, but if you can make it a habit, you will be able to get some space on your mind and feel less stressed.



●Make to-do list

When you are tired of working hard and having busy days, you cannot have time to do things you want.

If so, write down the things you would like to do. Writing down can make you motivated to execute the plan.



●Diffuse aromatherapy oils

The smell can stimulate your brain and helps you concentrate.You can relax by using your favorite fragrance.



●Write down your feelings on the paper

Write what’s on your mind.

You will be able to find some new ideas and help you solve the problems.



●Tear up papers

After taking a memo, how about tearing up papers? It will also help you relieve your stress.




Rui-katsu is an action of making you cry on purpose. You might have a sad image, but don’t you feel refreshed after crying?

I sometimes watch sad or emotional movies and cry.



●Pop a balloon

Poping a balloon makes a big noise but some people might be able to feel refreshed!

Do not pop it if you don’t like the big noise. Also, please be careful not to cause trouble to your neighbors.




The blood goes to your head and you have to focus on controlling the balance, so you won’t have time to concern about things.



●Call your mother

There is a study result that the love hormone will be activated when you hear your mom’s voice.

No wonder why I get relieved when I hear my mom’s voice.



If you get irritated or worried about something, taking a deep breath can be one of the best ways to reduce stress.

Do We Miss the Happiness When We Sigh?


Please find the best way to relieve your stress, and feel happy all the time!





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